Mitarbeiter gesucht!

When you are always the Gelackmeierte, when you have es to nix gebracht of a green Zweig, come to

Our Firma

We are a young team and pensionsberechtigt, we hav a Betriebsklima like at Florida, we have the five-Stundenday and the twentyfive works-week, we hav 115 Feierdays in the year,

52 Sundays and genauso much Samsdays, we have the world best Glaitzeit, you can come and go when you have Lust.

Na, is this nothing?

You ar our man, when you can not so hard zupacken.

Take it easy when you are a little vorbestraft, that macht nix,

Be careful, manchmal we must schaffe too.

Last but not least: you can selbständig work, da our Chefs always auf tour are.

Also lets go and come to

Our Firma

Only eines noch, be careful!

Manchmal we must malochen bis we fall um!